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Introducing Ajaib Auto Invest

Auto Invest automatically recommends the best mutual funds for you and gets you better returns while lowering risk.

Ajaib berinvestasi melalui reksa dana

Choosing Investments from 800+ Funds is Complicated

Ajaib experts automatically recommends the best mutual funds based on your risk profile so you don't have to analyze hundreds of funds yourself.

How do we choose mutual funds?

Our team of experts choose the best mutual funds out of 800+ options for each risk profile based on long-term historical performance, risk-adjusted returns and fund manager reputation.

Create a Plan for Every Goal

Choose goals such as general investing, retirement, major spending and emergency fund and complete your investment in 30 seconds.

What are examples?

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If you want to build wealth with general investing, more aggressive investments will allow for higher returns in the long term. Learn more

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Earn Higher Returns With Proven Investment Algorithms

Our recommendations are built based on the Nobel Prize winning investment algorithm: Mean Variance Optimization.

What is Mean Variance Optimization?

Mean Variance Optimization is an investment theory that selects investments to maximize expected returns at a given risk profile. Learn more here

Start Growing Your Money Today


Backed by Nobel Prize winning academic research.

Our smart investing app is built by PhDs and MBAs

Our team of PhDs and MBAs apply their professional experience and deep research to build our service. ​ They have automated investing and financial planning using data-driven approaches backed by decades of academic research.

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Anderson Sumarli

Co-founder & CEO

MBA, Stanford University


Yada Piyajomkwan

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

MBA, Stanford University


Anthony Kwo

Lead Analyst

MBA, Institut Teknologi Bandung


Dr. Yunieta Nainggolan 

Research Advisor, Dosen di Institut Teknologi Bandung

PhD in Finance, Queensland University of Technology


Dr. Meinanda Kurniawan 

Research Advisor, Dosen di Institut Teknologi Bandung

PhD in Finance, Queensland University of Technology

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