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Our mission is to democratize access to trusted and personalized investing for everyone.


Investing is critical for your future.

Whether it’s to beat inflation, to increase your wealth, to have enough after you stop earning or to support your family’s future. 

However, only 0.4% of Indonesians are currently investing.


We heard from our friends that they don’t have enough time to study and keep up with market changes, and also don’t have people to ask for advice. Meanwhile, most existing investing solutions have high starting prices for us millennials. 

That's why we started Ajaib todemocratize access to trusted and personalized investing for everyone.

We were part of Y Combinator summer 2018 batch as the only startup from Southease Asia. We are based in Jakarta with a stellar team who are making changes towards a better investing solution for everyone.

Indonesia is a country in transition, with a growing class of individuals with assets to invest yet who, financially, don’t meet the bar set by many wealth managers.


Enter Ajaib, a newly minted startup with the very bold ambition of becoming the “Ant Financial“ of wealth management for Indonesia.


Aplikasi Ajaib membantu masyarakat yang ingin berinvestasi di pasar modal (reksa dana), tapi memiliki keterbatasan wawasan atau akses terhadap instrumen investasi tersebut.


Ketika middle class ingin memulai berinvestasi, hal pertama yang mereka hadapi adalah tantangan, yaitu kurangnya pengetahuan dan sedikitnya sumber referensi yang bisa diminta untuk memberikan saran. Hal tersebut yang menjadi salah satu alasan utama mengapa Ajaib didirikan.


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